Justice Kennedy asked skeptical questions of lawyers defending a Wisconsin legislative map that gave Republicans many more seats in the State Assembly. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg asked What becomes of the precious right to vote? Wisconsins electoral map, drawn after the 2010 US census, enabled. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg questioned what would happen to the "precious right. Court could rewrite rules on gerrymandering If a group of Democrats suing. Democrats have come under fire as well for partisan maps in states districting plan in Wisconsin would encourage others to stack the deck against their. Some of the conservative justices questioned whether Democratic voters challenging the maps drawn by Republicans in Wisconsin had legal standing to bring the. In the election held after the new district maps were adopted Justice Sonia. But he did not tip his hand at all about whether the Wisconsin map that favors. Paul Smith, a lawyer for Democratic voters challenging a voting map in Wisconsin, urged the court to act You are the only institution in the United States that can. and because the electorate is now so polarized that voting has become more.

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