WASHINGTON Justice Anthony M Republicans have an advantage following a wave of victories in state legislatures that allowed lawmakers to draw election. on Capitol Hill in Washington, Oct 3, 2017 On Tuesday, lawyers for the state of Wisconsin urged the justices to reject a challenge to that states redistricting map, drawn by the Republicancontrolled government. WASHINGTON AP The Supreme Court is taking up a case about political. by Washington Examiner Oct 5 still havent accepted their loss in the 2016 election AP PhotoManuel Balce Ceneta Do Democratic voters have a right to. WASHINGTON Reuters districts purely on partisan lines in a major voting rights case out of Wisconsin Some of the conservative justices questioned whether. BARCELONA Hours after 2 million citizens voted overwhelmingly in a. WASHINGTON AP political maps in Wisconsin that could affect elections across the country AP PhotoManuel Balce Ceneta The conservative justices. WASHINGTON Reuters practice of drawing electoral maps to entrench one party in power, with conservative Anthony Kennedy likely to cast the deciding vote The. "At the broadest level, the court has cases that will shape the future of. WASHINGTON Reuters The Supreme Court began hearing Wisconsin is.

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