Congressional maps in Maryland, North Carolina and Texas are also the subject of gerrymandering lawsuits New maps will be drawn up following the 2020 census. In September, the Supreme Court halted a lower courts ruling that ordered Texas. The district was drawn by a court to take in much of the Hispanic population in. The recent hurricanes, which inflicted severe damage from Puerto Rico to Texas Gulf Coast Inaccurate and outofdate flood maps put communities at risk. Congressional district maps are currently being challenged in Maryland, North Carolina and Texas, along with Pennsylvania The lawsuit filed by the League of Women Voters and Democratic voters concerns congressional. Last week, Texas officials asked Congress to provide $10 billion for a variety of. "A lot of these issues will be addressed as Congress works to reauthorize the. WASHINGTON Oct 12, 2017 A multipart package of federal hurricane relief money hitting Congress this week will wipe away $ Jeb Hensarling, RTexas, who chairs the House committee that oversees the NFIP have repeatedly. Texas is nt the most unfairly redistricted state if you use the measure cited. Hes a Texas native whos spent his working life in Philadelphia Before getting into journalism, he worked as a teacher, cab driver and welder Five Pennsylvania.

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