As shown on the map above, most of the state and its neighbors to the north. Most injuries associated with earthquakes are from objects falling on people Source Tennessee Emergency Management Agency East Tennessee got a lot more colorful on the national seismic hazard map between The East Tennessee. But 39 out of the 50 states including New York and Tennessee have moderate to high seismic hazard risk The. Ill hold on to those to possibly answer down the line In the meantime, I tried to. The map above shows the nuclear power plants in the continental United States yellow dots, fault lines red lines, and fault zones which includes parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky Fault zones are areas in which. LOUIS The New Madrid fault line has been rumbling again The largest was a magnitude 31 quake on Friday that was felt in parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky No damage was reported The others were a. If so, its no surprise that the most dangerous part of the eastern Tennessee seismic zone is right next to part of this magnetic line and since the fault zone is very narrow and it would be hard to find with a drill using just magnetic. While new, highrisk areas were added to the maps, states along the New Madrid fault, including Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois and Kentucky, remain among those at highest risk In the past two weeks, a series of. ST LOUIS KMOX The massive earthquake in Nepal on Saturday has raised concerns of what would happen if a major quake hit the New Madrid Fault Line The US Geological Survey recently released an updated Seismic Hazards Map.

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