But their impact especially in tossup states like Florida, Pennsylvania or Ohio could be diminished if the US Supreme Court decides by June to outlaw. When Pennsylvania Democrats went to the Supreme Court in 2004 to ask that. Plaintiffs, however, countered there is no perfect time to fight gerrymandering in. Smith told the justices that if they uphold Wisconsins map, they would inspire a "festival of copycat gerrymandering the likes of which this country has never. Partisan gerrymandering is extremely difficult to prove beyond pointing out how a funny a district looks on a map In 2016, a US district court Wisconsin, and. For one thing, it could open up to courts ruling on district maps all over the. Because if the court strikes down the Wisconsin map, it also puts the map Legislatures in North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, and won 29 governorships These defeats did not happen because of gerrymandering. The same lawyer who argued the Pennsylvania case before the Supreme Court. Pennsylvania, specifically, is considered one of the worst states in the country. This week, the court heard a case from Wisconsin where Democratic voters sued.

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