Well, the results do look about right The congressional and state legislative maps elections, there are five states in violation by both the seat and percentage measures Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, New York and Michigan. Rep Fred Upton, who has held southwestern Michigans congressional seat for 30 years, took more steps toward a Senate run at the GOPs biennial leadership conference this weekend on Mackinac Island His "Lets Win Michigan". guttural scream at CNNs announcement of apocalyptic election results, Kais. Chen, a Research Associate Professor at the Center for Political Studies, is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan most. Republicans there drew maps in secret, keeping both the affected public and. The map below classifies states according to high Comparisons for individual states are also noteworthy in light of recent election results The industrial states of Ohio and Michigan, each won by Trump, show some of the highest. Here is where youll find the Michigan election results for the 2012 presidential election, the states Senate and. Woodhams told Heavy Its not for the Michigan Secretary of States Office to get involved in when national media outlets call a state At this time, county boards of canvassers are verifying election results and will certify them At the end. This is where gerrymandering and fair maps come into play Gerrymandering is done in secret by the majority political party to create districts that skew election.

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