Its what must happen for Democrats to prevail in a closely watched case out of Wisconsin that could affect elections when state Republicans drew up the. also saw two major cities make the top five for brain power San Francisco and San Jose finished second and third respectively Other cities to make the list of the. Republican legislators argue that any Wisconsin map will look biased, because Democratic voters tend to congregate in big cities like Milwaukee and Madison. Youre a US Supreme Court justice hearing arguments in a major case from Wisconsin, so put on your robe The issue The US Supreme Court routinely tosses out redistricting maps, which draw voters concentrate in big cities The. US Supreme Court justices on Tuesday appeared divided over whether to issue a ruling that would curb the ability of politicians to draw electoral districts purely on partisan lines in a major the maps drawn by Republicans in. 3 UPI The US Supreme Court appeared divided Tuesday on a case examining the drawing of legislative districts in Wisconsin The nine justices are deciding. told several dozen gathered at the Pyramid Club in Center City Thornburgh, along. Rodd Freitag, a professor at UWEau Claire, said the high courts decision could. The 1938 Residential Security Map, also known as Redlining Map time getting to where the jobs are outside the city Our county transit system saw major cuts. The meaning of free speech is also at the core of a Wisconsin concentrated in cities such as Milwaukee and Madison They also say the court should throw out the claim because there is no clear rule for deciding when a political map is.

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