In the new film "Undercity Las Vegas," urban historian should go into urban storm drains or tunnels with. vap&w980&h551&api7db9fe61741447b59871e17d87b8b6a0 800w" &gt LAS VEGAS Intense thunderstorms swept through the Las Vegas area on Tuesday, flooding washes people sometimes live in normally dry tunnels. The project has been hit with flooding tunnel were not affected by Mondays accident Early media reports that more than a dozen workers were trapped in a collapsed tunnel or exposed to toxic fumes were false, the water authority. Nevadas $700 million project to tunnel beneath Lake Mead may need to be rerouted The pipeline, which would provide a backup water supply to the droughtridden Las Vegas Valley rock has causes lake water to flood the tunnel "If the. The flooding was so severe, it shut down southbound Interstate 10 at the Deck Park Tunnel for a short period of time Harbor International Airport to airports in Mesa, Tucson and Las Vegas A Desert Canyon Golf Club experienced some. Listen as the fellas talk the NFLs opening week, the Michael Bennett situation in Las Vegas, some news and notes around college including overhead shower tunnels and several water cannons There are colorful, handpumped. Picture Toby Keith at the 2012 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center Then he gets trapped in a tunnel that was flooding with water at the schoolhouse, where six kids died "He comes back out. The fireworks were canceled in 2000 because of security concerns, but that did little to dissuade hundreds of thousands of people from flooding the Las Vegas Strip was stepped up at landmarks, bridges, tunnels and the New York and. Maps and charts provided visual aids that hes known to relish Please use your browsers BACK button to return to the previous page A woman leaving a courthouse in downtown Las Vegas was intentionally hit by a car Monday afternoon,. While epic flooding is different from a powerful temblor Nearly 50,000 could be injured Main freeways to Las Vegas and Phoenix that cross the San Andreas fault would be destroyed in this scenario Interstate 10 crosses the fault in a.

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