such as the one proposed at Manchester Airport The map below shows the areas where properties and residents may be affected by the route They will get the full nonHS2 value of the building and land, plus 10 per cent and moving and. The HS2 route to Manchester will pass Shugborough Hall Credit HS2 Ltd A map has been released which shows the propose HS2 Phase 2 route passing notable beauty spots including Shugborough Hall on the way to Manchester. The route for Phase 2 Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester is under consultation The zone covers 60m either side of the route Detailed maps are on the HS2 website wwwhs2orguk Does safeguarding mean HS2 is definitely going to. Bosses behind the plan to bring the HS2 highspeed rail link to the area say that At the forum there were maps detailing exactly where the route will pass through East Midlands, and information around the room about aspects of the. The HS2 line will use 225mph trains to link London with Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds and is expected to be completed by 2033 The speed of many journeys along the route will be cut drastically, making it possible to travel. Government claims made about the potential gains from HS2 for the nation look highly questionable, now that the. The Yshaped second phase of the route is to run from Birmingham to Leeds in the East and Manchester in the West. Here is some of the reaction from across the country to the details of the routes proposed second phase Two new stations will be built at Manchester The map shows it going through the business, the house, everything" The next. Image Map of the HS2 route Costs of a second phase taking the line to Manchester and Leeds were "volatile" and currently &1637bn over budget, the report also found The committee found there had been "considerable progress" on HS2.

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