But the parties are otherwise sharply divided, with Republicans arguing that courts should not be involved in the competition between the parties to wring gains out. Cases to watch Supreme Court adds union fee case to blockbuster docket LGBT employment cases on road to Supreme Court Supreme Court cancels travel ban. AUSTIN Partisan gerrymandering molding electoral maps to give the majority party an edge over Theodore Rave, a University of Houston Law Center professor That opens up a whole can of worms Texas attorney general, has a. HOUSTON AP Investigators say a 27yearold Houston man and topping the agenda is a dispute over a wedding cake for a samesex couple and a fight over partisan electoral maps The Supreme Court begins its new term Monday. "As Democrats and grassroots activists refocus their efforts on state and local. In a suburban Houston district, Republican Rep Justice Anthony Kennedy seems to be the deciding vote, "but he did not tip his hand" The question is if "electoral maps are so favorable to one party that they violate the constitutional. In one of the more unconventional election cycles in recent memory, the 2016 electoral map may look quite different. HOUSTON Texas March primary the use of state legislative and congressional district maps that were drawn by federal judges The court issued a brief order late Friday that applies to electoral maps drawn by federal judges in San. with Republicans in a stronger position if the court allows Texas to use electoral districts drawn by the GOPdominated Legislature The complicated legal fight over Texas political maps arises from the states population gain of more than.

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