At a preview party held Thursday night, Houston Airport System director of aviation Mario Diaz noted that Uniteds investment in the facility represents an attempt to give travelers a memorable experience rather than simply competing. Driven by big business, Houstons airports especially George Bush International are becoming some global corporations primary gateway to the US The Houston Airport System to make sure that the route map is viewed. Kennedy International Airport JFK Terminal 8 and George Bush Intercontinental Airport IAH Terminal E are enjoying an enhanced allow travelers to view an interactive map to guide them through the terminal and make informed decisions. A traveler taking a nap at Houstons Bush Intercontinental Airport is alleging a United Airlines employee intentionally booted her in the skull midsleep "I was woken up by someone kicking me in the head I immediately got up and asked. HOUSTON United Airlines officials are investigating an incident where one of their flight attendants deployed an. vap&w980&h551&api7db9fe61741447b59871e17d87b8b6a0 800w" &gt United Airlines continues to fight a public relations battle after a photo on Twitter shows a dog in a kennel on a rainy tarmac The incident happened Sunday. On Monday, a flight attendant took that to a new extreme and no one is sure why Shortly after United Airlines flight. head of marketing for the Houston Airport System, said in the news release MORE Houstons Hobby Airport turns 90 years old The airports are working with San Franciscobased LocusLabs to pilot the technology LocusLabs has named. Its going to take "several weeks" to return to full strength in Houston for United The carrier, Americas third largest, operates around 480 departures from Houston Intercontinental Airport, or IAH, on a normal day The airport is its. IAH, shorthand for the Houstons biggest airport, is the 14th busiest airport in America with 20 million passengers flying through in 2016 Its the second largest hub for United Airlines UAL Houstons Hobby Airport, a hub for Southwest.

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