From the spectacular geography at Goblin Valley State Park Eagle Canyon and Hondo Country For a map of premiere OHV riding opportunities, visit Utah State Parks website Sometimes all you need for a great outdoor. &ltimg class"stylesA54tP4F3noscript12cl" src"httpsdsxweathercomutilimagewpuertoricocrisismariajpg?vat&w320&h180&api7db9fe61741447b5. LOS ANGELES CNN One of the men who toppled an ancient boulder in Utahs Goblin Valley State Park last week. Two former Utah Boy Scout troop leaders each face a thirddegree felony and the three Boy Scouts erupt into. GOBLIN VALLEY STATE PARK, UT It took nature took millions of years to create what it took Glenn Hall just a few seconds to destroy Now, officials must decide whether toppling a boulder that had long perched gracefully atop a. Hall and Glenn Taylor were charged with thirddegree felonies Friday for pushing over a rock formation in Utahs Goblin Valley State Park in October Taylor, who is accused of physically pushing over the rock formation, known as. Glenn Taylor, 45, was charged Friday with criminal mischief for heaving over an ancient mushroomshaped rock in southeastern Utahs Goblin Valley State Park David Hall, 42, was charged with aiding criminal mischief for recording. The trio of men was adventuring in Utahs Goblin Valley State Park when they decided to film themselves knocking over one of the formations, known as goblins One man can be seen leveraging himself against a nearby rock and pushing. Three men from Utah could face charges for toppling a 200millionyearold rock formation in Goblin Valley State Park A video filmed by one of the three shows one knocking over the rock and celebrating with his friends afterwards The men,. Thats the question for two Utah Boy Scout leaders who decided that a The guy who knocked the top of the hoodoo down said, "We have now modified Goblin Valley" Does nature modify the rock formations as well? Wind and weather.

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