As the Washington Nationals begin what will hopefully be a long For the first time, some senators are contemplating whether their advantages on the. Last week, the Washington Post ran an article titled "Five NotTotallyCrazy Electoral Maps That Show Donald Trump Winning" The article was a cautionary note to Democrats who are blithely assuming Hillary Clinton will easily beat. The red is obviously us The Reuters reporters were hardly alone Trump is so fascinated by the map that he apparently asked a Washington Post reporter to run the electoral map on the front page to mark his 100th day in office In an. CNN bycounty 2016 electoral map to each of the three reporters assembled in the Oval Office "Here, you can take that, thats the final map of the numbers," Trump said "Its pretty good, right? The red is obviously us" The. PhilipRucker says that Trump asked him in their 100 Day interview to run the election map on WaPos front page httpstcodm8fnagXI9 Kyle Griffin kylegriffin1 April 29, 2017 A Washington Post reporter says President Trump. WASHINGTON Call it the electoral map color countercoup There once was a day when Democrats He ascribed the abrupt reversal, as reported by the Washington Post, to the late Tim Russert, a respected television interviewer, but. c 2016, The Washington Post Heres a wrinkle in the electoral math on Tuesday What if we told you that 270 electoral college votes wouldnt be enough to elect Hillary Clinton president? That appears to be the situation, after in. At the Washington Post, Chris Cillizza writes that America Cillizza in a piece entitled, "Republicans Have a Massive Electoral Map Problem That Has Nothing to Do with Donald Trump" writes, "If Hillary Clinton wins the 19 states. We will not during this entire campaign Thats despite an unusual looking electoral map published by the Washington Post this week, based on a survey of all 50 states Theres a lot of states in play that we normally dont see in play. Business InsiderAndy Kiersz, data from RealClearPolitics and Washington PostSurveyMonkey After a tumultuous week for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, the electoral map has swung dramatically in favor of his.

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