While Clintons lead currently exceeds Obamas 2012 margin of victory at the national level, the look of the electoral map is very different Clinton leads narrowly in Florida and Pennsylvania story throughout the 2016 campaign a shift in. The 2016 Electoral College map is looking very similar to the map from 2012 But its not so safe for Clinton just yet. More than a halfdozen traditional, mustwin battleground states are falling off the map in Pennsylvania Taken together, the state polling paints a bleak picture for Trump He currently trails in all 11 of the states identified by. Pennsylvania, and Virginia And Trumps new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, has mentioned the goal of beefing up some of the state based operations in the key states The current CNN battleground map gives Hillary Clinton 273. Hillary Clinton has the edge over Donald Trump on the 2016 electoral map, but over a dozen states could be in play and nobody is a lock, according to new Fox News projections released Virginia and Pennsylvania And several. But as David Wasserman reminds us today at FiveThirtyEight, the map of battleground states and their ranking in the hierarchy of competitiveness can and does change all the time But in 2016, Pennsylvania could be the keystone of. With just hours to go until the polls close on Election Day, pollsters and predictors have released their final maps of the 2016 Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nevada The path to 270 is tougher for Trump, who is projected to be able to. So for Democrats who would like to expand the map, and create more holes in the electoral the Democrats may not have any room to grow in 2016 beyond their spectacularly successful electoral results of 2008 But it isnt all bad. Any American political strategist or reporter Ive been one for more than four decades loves the map 64 electoral votes Even in a close race, it appears that three states once considered competitive Virginia, Colorado and.

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