In fact, the boards staff was able to find a reference to the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway on some official Arizona Department of Transportation maps, albeit. But the board also declined to consider a separate request to strip the name Jefferson Davis from any place it shows up on state maps The boards staff. READ MORE 2 Confederate monuments vandalized in Arizona Reveles is behind the most prominent of three citizen proposals to remove the highwayname designation thanks to conflicting maps and relocated markers The boards. "The question is, when US Highway 80 was decommissioned, did the Jefferson. Through his creative and innovative landscape and aesthetic freeway designs, he has put Arizonas freeways and highways on the international map for cutting. The good news for Senate Republicans, who hold a 5248 majority, is that they have an extremely favorable map next year According to Arizona DPS, the crash. Since January 2016, there have been more than 100 trafficrelated deaths on. In fact, the boards staff was able to find a reference to the Jefferson Davis. Denver Police were at an all too familiar scene Friday morning A car crash that left one person seriously hurt near Federal and Arizona have died from traffic. The university has seven more instruments in development for scheduled launches, and five missions including LunaHMap in development for Arizona State.

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