Roy Moores convincing win Tuesday in Alabama 2018 midterm election Trump took a gamble, and lost Presidents typically avoid wading into divisive primary. Luther Strange in Alabamas special election Tuesday has senior Republicans bracing for a wave of resourcedraining primaries across the map that could undermine their they won in 2014 and retained in 2016 3 Things we learned. To be sure, deep pockets of Trump support still exist Rural America still supports. There has not been a Democratic senator in Alabama since 1997 when Sessions. This all comes after the Bannonbacked Judge Roy Moore just scored a commanding defeat of establishment GOP candidate Luther Strange in the. So 2018 could be a defining moment, shaking up the GOP and placing Trumps 2016 campaign Fund super PAC In Alabama, Bannon broke with Trump, who had. ALSen On Tuesday, Alabama held its GOP Senate runoff for the special election but Republicans unexpectedly had a chance to flip the chamber earlier this year Democrats entered the 2016 election with a 12 to nine majority, but the. The Republican Partys infighting is on full display in Alabama ahead of next. Ohio, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia and Alabama district 2016 presidential election The effect of all of these wasted Democratic votes in urban. Look at colorcoded presidential election maps from 1992 to 2016 and you will.

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