the net assets of the boss Michael Jordan increased by 350 million US dollars

According to Forbes news, due to the soaring market value of the Hornets, the net assets of the boss Michael Jordan increased by 350 million US dollars (2.2 billion yuan) compared with 12 months ago, and the total assets have reached 1.65 billion US dollars (10.4 billion yuan). Currently ranked 1477 on the Forbes Billionaires list, up 90 places from last year and 455 points in the US. Jordan’s net increase is mainly due to his team Hornets.

In February 2010, Jordan acquired the Charlotte Hornets (then called the Bobcats) for $175 million, and owned 90% of the shares to become the team’s boss. After the NBA’s new TV broadcast contract came into effect, the average market value of NBA teams tripled to $1.65 billion in the past five years. As a small team, the Hornets have no hope in the playoffs this season. They have missed the playoffs 11 times in the past 14 seasons, and the market value of the team is ranked lower among the NBA teams, but the market value has increased in the past year. 35%, reaching $1.05 billion. So Joe’s wealth growth is inevitable.

Despite years of retirement, Jordan’s influence is still unmatched in the basketball field. His shoes are still one of the hottest shoes in the world. According to previous media reports, Jordan only relies on Nike’s Jordan brand shoes every year. I got 110 million US dollars (700 million yuan) Chinese netizens commented on this, “Jordan has never served anyone in the basketball world! Until he met………… China Jordan” “Michael can earn 100 million every year at home.” “Fortunately, I have not been on the list as always.” “I always wanted to ask, can I see Joe’s team winning the championship in my lifetime?” “The poorest boss is in the league.”

It is worth mentioning that the richest star among China’s retired stars is Li Ning, the boss of Li Ning, who is worth 4.7 billion yuan. The former Rockets superstar Yao Ming followed closely with 2.2 billion yuan.