Sneakers are like the stars on the battlefield

Sneakers are like the stars on the battlefield. Whether it’s Jordan, Kobe or James, they have a pair of boots for themselves to help them shine on the court. And many basketball fans’ desires are often to have a pair of good shoes. It is true that the quality of the shoes is related to the player’s play, and some shoes are more classic, witnessing a piece of history.

5, Nike Lebron 9 Elite (12 championship) is as strong as James did not win the championship in the first 8 seasons. In the second year of the Big Three, LBJ finally led the team to defeat the young Thunder in the finals and won the first championship in his career. In the finals of this year, the shoes worn by James have also been endowed with infinite commemoration.

4, converse wade 1 playoff help Wade finals Super God 2006 is the “Flash” into the league for the third year, when the finals on the Wade averaged 34 points to win the first championship in life. And this pair of converse wade 1 playoff is not only unique in the shape, the width of the sole is increased and the special fishbone pattern designed by the high and low is brought by the superior force, which brings great grip to the shoes, also for Wade sharp The breakthrough made the best help, allowing the “Flash” to get the enemy’s first level from the army.

3, Kobe’s AJ dream After the end of the 02-03 season with Adidas contract, Kobe entered a period of wearing shoes. Kobe wore a lot of sneakers that season, and the number of times he wore the AJ series was particularly high. Of course, after Kobe signed a contract with Nike and received signature shoes from Nike, this unforgettable time was over. In the All-Star Game, Kobe wore “AJ3 True Blue Color” and personally ruined Jordan’s farewell performance and made the shoes a classic.

2, T-Mac 3 and scoring champion 03-04 season McGrady won the scoring for the second consecutive year, and last year’s 32-point season has made McGrady extremely hot, which also makes T-Mac 2 big sale. So in November 2003, Adi launched the T-Mac 3 for McGrady. This pair of shoes representing McGrady’s sharp attack is from the hands of a female designer. The inner and outer sides of the shoes use different materials and different patterns and patterns to make the shoes and McGrady play like a blast, and these classic shoes have become many fans of McGrady. Good memories in my heart.